Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliances

Woodstove or pellet stove installation.

Before you can use your Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliance, an inspection is required. Please ensure that the following criteria have been met before contacting the Fire Hall for an inspection

General Requirements
  • Installed in Principal Building.
  • Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliance meets the particulate emission requirements of the Canadian Standard or the US Standard.
  • Complies with manufacturer's installation instructions and the BC Building Code, BC Fire Code, and CAN/CSA - B365 Standard.
  • Installed smoke alarms.
  • Installed Carbon Monoxide Detector.
  • Clearances supplied by the manufacturer must be followed.
  • Appliances installed in mobile homes must be approved for such installations.
Flue Pipe
  • Flue pipe clearance is 18" or according to the manufacturer.
  • Longitudinal seams are on the sides or on top of the flue pipe.
  • No more than two 90-degree elbows.
  • The male end of the flue pipe must attach to the stove.
  • Joints in flue pipes, including the connections to the appliance and the chimney, must be made with at least three screws.
  • The flue pipe may be reduced in diameter from the flue collar, but not increased.
  • Pellet stove vent joints should be sealed with foil taped or proper silicone sealant.
  • A flue pipe must be sloped upwards towards the chimney at least 1/4" per foot (20 mm per meter) of horizontal run
  • A single wall flue pipe may not exceed 10 feet (3 meters) in total length
  • Wood-burning appliances must be connected to a certified factory-built chimney approved for use with the appliance or connected to a masonry chimney conforming with the BC Building Code
  • Chimneys must be inspected at least once every 12 months and cleaned as often as necessary to prevent the accumulation of more than 3 mm (1/8") of soot or creosote
  • If shielding is being used, it must be 7/8" from combustibles and attached by noncombustible spacers. Shielding placed directly against the wall is not acceptable
  • Shielding must be between 1" and 3" from the floor
  • Shielding must extend 18" beyond the sides of the appliance and 20" above the appliance
Floor Pads
  • The floor pad must extend 8" beyond the sides and back of the appliance and 18" beyond the front of the appliance. For pellet stoves, follow the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Floor pads cannot have any combustible material exposed