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Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark

Tumbler Ridge is home to 1 of only 5 Global Geoparks in Canada.

A UNESCO Global Geopark is an area recognized as having internationally significant geological heritage.  Geoparks aim to reconnect people to the earth, whether through hiking trails, learning about mountain building, eating food grown in the local soils, or celebrating the stories of the people who have lived here since time immemorial.  The geology in a Geopark may be linked to sites with interesting archaeology, wildlife, history, folklore and culture. Tourism industry promotion in a Geopark focuses on highlighting the geographical character of a place.

To download a PDF of the 2022-2023 Tumbler Ridge Visitor & Relocation Guide click here.

For additional information about each Geopark attraction, click the links below or visit

Bald Spot
Mount Reesor
Barbour Falls & Nesbitt’s Knee Falls
Murray Canyon Overlook Trail
Bergeron Falls
Pinnacle Peak
Bergeron Cliffs
Quality Falls
Boulder Gardens & Babcock Falls
Quality Canyon Falls
Bootski Lake
Rock Climbing
Bullmoose Falls
Running Routes
Bullmoose Marshes
Shipyard & Titanic
Core Lodge Area
Cross Country Skiing
Stone Corral
Downtown Walking Tour
Stony Lake
Flatbed Falls & Area
Flatbed Creek
The Terminator
Greg Duke Memorial Rec. Area
TR Trail & Tumbler Point Trail
Hiking Routes off the Boundary Road
Tepee Falls
Holzworth Meadows
Wilderness Waterfalls
Kinuseo Falls
Windfall Lake
Lake Joan & Canary Falls
Wolverine Nordic Ski Trail & The Lost Cabin

Wolverine Trails & the Lost Haven Cabin

Monkman Cascades & Monkman Lake
Hiking Itineraries

3 Day Hiking Itinerary - Easy
3 Day Hiking Itinerary - Challenging

5 Day Hiking Itinerary - Easy
5 Day Hiking Itinerary - Challenging

Mount Spieker

Mountain Biking