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Grant Writing Services

In a successful partnership with the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT), the District of Tumbler Ridge proudly presents Kyldar Consulting as our dedicated Community Grant Researcher/Writer. This collaboration, backed by the Grant Writing Support program, is designed to empower our community by securing vital funding for economic development projects and initiatives.

Kylie Gibbard, Principal Consultant with Kyldar Consulting, a trusted firm specializing in grant research and writing, leads the charge as our Community Grant Writer. With a proven track record of success, Kyldar Consulting brings expertise and dedication to every project.

"At Kyldar Consulting, our team of professionals are dedicated to helping small businesses and community groups access the funding they need to thrive. What sets us apart is our ability to craft compelling grant applications that are uniquely tailored to each client's needs and goals, ensuring the highest chance of success."

As our Community Grant Writer, Kyldar Consulting will leverage our extensive experience and resources to support the growth and development of Tumbler Ridge. Whether you're seeking funding for a community project or a business venture, Kyldar Consulting is here to help you easily navigate the grant writing process.

For inquiries or assistance with grant applications, please contact Kylie and Darrell at