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Tumbler Ridge is a beautiful community set in breathtaking scenery, with a diverse culture stemming from a dynamic past. Whether you are a new or existing resident or contemplating joining us in the future, please browse this section to learn more about us.


The geology and geography of Tumbler Ridge have always played a significant role in the shaping of its history. From the prehistoric era of dinosaurs to the strong First Nations history, to the creation of the town itself in the 1980s built to accommodate the Northeast Coal Development, the lands here tell a story.  Tumbler Ridge has some of the most important fossil discoveries in British Columbia, and you can find more information on the Tumbler Ridge Museum website.


Tumbler Ridge is a growing community thriving in its glorious scenery and humble small-town culture. The educational system in Tumbler Ridge is excellent with a full range of academic classes available from preschool to post-secondary.



Keeping Busy

We are a very active community and have several clubs and organizations, and a strong volunteer ethos. There’s something for everyone and for all ages to get involved in, whether your interests are recreational or academic. The multi-million dollar Community Centre is home to an arena, curling rink, Playcentre, and public swimming pool. In the same building, the local library is well-stocked with a modern array of books and programs.


Accessibility Plan

This Accessibility Plan was created by municipalities across Northeastern BC to support collaborative and efficient efforts to improve accessibility. Working together provides a unique opportunity to share resources, knowledge, and build collective skills. It also helps community members to have reliable access across the region.

Northeastern BC Collaborative Accessibility Plan