Revitalization & Beautification

Tumbler Ridge is a jewel because of its natural beauty, which is reflected in the community that people have dedicated themselves to maintaining. This applies to the development and management of growth in the community and is reflected in the superior quality of life that is enjoyed by the residents. The plan was quite simple; establish a beautiful commercial core that will entice pedestrian traffic and bring more visitors to the town. The overarching goal is to establish a positive atmosphere that will naturally draw more people, in the form of shoppers and businesses, which translates into further success and investment in the Tumbler Ridge.

With this goal in mind, Tumbler Ridge has incorporated a comprehensive set of Design Guidelines for the commercial core into its Official Community Plan. These responsible guidelines aid in the development of private enterprise as well as upgrades by the District to public areas.


Here are the Tumbler Ridge Design Guidelines in their entirety.



Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw

Council initiated a revitalization tax exemption program in the 2009 building season. This program is a legally-sanctioned tax incentive to encourage new development and reinvestment into existing buildings. Additional Information about this program can be obtained by contacting the Economic Development Team.

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